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Thursday, August 18, 2005

From AI to DP: Interesting Readings

I'm still alive and kicking, thank God. I've been away for a few days so I hadn't a chance to post anything. Anyway, yesterday I started reading an interesting book about design patterns from the Head First series. The book's title was "Head First Design Patterns" and I've immediately fallen in love with it from the first few pages (even before I read the first chapter). This is my first experience with the series and I've always wanted to know about design patterns so I guess I got lucky this time. The book is really interesting, informative, and fun. Hopefully I'll be able to take one chapter per day and finish the book in two weeks or so. But I won't count on that.

Another book that I've read many parts from, and enjoyed doing so, lately is Michael Negnevitsky's "Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems". I really wonder why this book wasn't given as reference to us in our undergraduate courses. It is absolutely wonderful, simple, clear, and easy to understand. The author organized the contents of the books chapters as a series of questions and their answers which really helped in understanding the whats, whys, and hows of the discussed topics. The book discusses topics like: expert systems, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, and hybrid intelligent systems. The second edition is out but I don't think much has changed since the first, at least that's the impression I got from the publisher's web site.

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