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Monday, April 17, 2006

Performance of Java vs. C++

Performance of Java versus C++

J.P.Lewis and Ulrich Neumann
Computer Graphics and Immersive Technology Lab
University of Southern California

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Friday, April 14, 2006

The American Style of Democracy

Democracy. A word that holds great meanings, but only in its definition and in dictionaries. Lately, some countries have found another use for the word. It has been discovered that this powerful word is a great weapon that should be added to any arsenal as a weapon of persuation and deception. And there's no greater evidence on this than how the US government uses the word as an excuse for any action it takes, whether or not this action is right and justified. For the Iraq war, the US government turned to this weapon to justify what they did over there and the whole stupid war and the inhuman behaviour of its soldiers over there after the big fat lie of weapons of mass distruction failed.

You always hear American leaders talk about freedom and democracy and all these shiny words. But in reality, the definition of democracy in the US government's dictionary has a great property. It is polymorphic to serve the goals of those in charge. For while they give speeches about how bad dictatorship is and how the people should be in charge and have the freedom of choosing their governments, at the same time they are punishing the Palestinians for practicing their rights and choosing the government that they see fit to represent them. Why? Well, because their style of democracy dictates that yes the people are free to choose, but in the end they must choose what they (the leaders of the American government) want. Democracy, the American style. If our friends at Israel don't like it, then we don't. And if we don't, then it is not democracy. And so, the Palestinians should suffer. As if their everyday suffering weren't enough!

And the game of double standards continues. India should be allowed to have nuclear technology. The same goes to Pakistan, but not like India of course. However, Iran has no right at all in such a technology. Iran is bad, India is good, Israel is great. Who's the judge? The US government. Why? Because good and bad in its opinion is tied to who's with its policy and who's against. Democracy?! R.I.P. democracy.


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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Seven Days with Ubuntu

It has been a week now since I managed to install Ubuntu Breezy Badger on my machine. And what can I say? Thanks Shiro for suggesting Ubuntu. And Tarek, thanks for the tip. Seven days and already I can't imagine how I managed to live with something like Windows. I feel sorry for all the wasted time during which I hesitated to make this shift.

I'm still not sure whether the IT8212 IDE RAID controller problem has been solved or not since I did not move my HDD to the RAID controller after compiling the 2.6.14 Vanilla Kernel with the performance patchset by Kon Colivas (thanks to this HowTo). But hopefully I won't need to since the controller successfully identified my Sony CD-RW drive.

The only thing that is bugging me currently is the Real Media format. For some reason, the whenever I try to play files in that format using Real Player 10, there is no sound. And if I try MPlayer, both video and audio are choppy. Other than that everything is working wonderfully. I'm sharing my Internet connection with my brother's PC (he is still using Windows for stupid reasons) and am able to access and mount all his shares (thanks to Samba). Eclipse is running brilliantly and I got many counterparts of the tools I was using on Windows installed. Check the following table that shows what I was using then and what I'm using now (might help new or wanna be migrators):

Playing MP3SoniqueXMMS
Playing Various MediaMedia Player Classic, VLCMPlayer, VLC
Java DevelopmentEclipse/Sun JDKEclipse/Sun JDK
Web BrowsingFirefoxFirefox
E-Mail ClientThunderbirdThunderbird
Anti-VirusMcAfee VirusScannone (for now)
FirewallMcAfee Personal FirewallFirestarter
Download ManagerFlashGetDownload 4 X
BitTorrent ClientAzureus, uTorrentAzureus
eDonkey 2000 ClienteMuleaMule
IMMSN Messenger, Yahoo! MessengerGaim
Microsoft HTML Help (chm)N/ACHM Viewer, gnoCHM
Office ApplicationsMS Office, OpenOfficeOpenOffice
Text EditorTextPad, jEditgedit, jEdit
Web ServerIIS, ApacheApache
Burn CD/DVDNero Burning ROM, Sonic Record NowGnomeBaker, K3b

A screenshot of my current desktop

To save many people the trouble of figuring out what replaces what, in addition to the table above, check out this transition guide from PC Mechanic.

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