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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A new year, a new chapter, a new beginning...

It only seems like yesterday. Six months ago, I was celebrating the completion of my thesis defence. Today, it's a new year, bringing with it a new journey, a new life, new experiences, and many challenges.

I arrived at Vancouver a few days ago while a snow storm that the city has not seen for a number of years was still active. And after an hour of hovering around the airport waiting for permission to land, we were finally on the ground. It was my first snow encounter, but it was beautiful.

Sunrise in the sky between Cairo and Frankfurt

I may have been hesitated at first. But until now, Simon Fraser University (SFU) still hasn't disappointed me. The campus at Burnaby is magnificent but I still haven't got in contact with many people because of the Christmas break. I also haven't seen Surrey's campus yet. Vancouver is really a beautiful city, and I'm not sure whether the snow is currently covering some of its beauty or adding to it. However, the snow itself has its own beauty (if you've tried walking on the soft snow, you'll know what I mean), and the city will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey campuses of SFU

What I really like over here is that everything is ordered and has its own process (it is enough to take a Translink bus or SkyTrain to see that). The malls are absolutely magnificent and contain everything a person can imagine (forget about Carrefour and the likes). I haven't even been to Metropolis at Metrotown yet, which is the second biggest mall in Canada, but one visit to Coquitlam Centre Mall where I got my laptop was enough to amaze me.

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