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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Frustrating Weekend - Part 2

OK, where was I?! Yes, I was sitting with frustration in front of a PC that continuously reboots...

So, now the assigned task that I re-installed Windows XP for was complete. But Ubuntu, which I use for working on my thesis, doesn't want to boot. I do have backups for my work, but I would like to gain back my system as it was. Ignoring this for a moment in order to not waste time, I decided I'll stick with Windows for a while for my work and ask around for a solution to my problem. Unfortunately, I did not get any successful answer even after posting the issue in the Ubuntu Forums. Everyone just keeps telling me to do things I already did (and mentioned in my previous post in the blog). And they keep insisting that I should install Windows first then Ubuntu. This is very impractical since, as we all know, Windows keeps crashing and continuously needs re-installation.

I found a very useful tool called Ext2 Installable File System (Ext2 IFS) for Windows which provides full access to Linux Ext2 volumes (read access and write access) from within Windows. So, I copied my Eclipse workspace and since I already had a copy of Eclipse present on my HDD from the previous Windows installation I only had to install the Java 2 SDK. Usually that wouldn't be a problem. However, since this was a very frustrating weekend, I was unable to find a copy of the 1.5 SDK in my CD collection! Imagine, me the Java fan not having a version of the SDK!!! I guess I must have erased the copy I had lying around on my HDD due to lack of storage space and forgot that I didn't put it on a CD. What made things worse is that, since the Internet connection was not working properly, it took a long time to download it and I wasted the day.

Well, I don't remember if that was the end of my problems during that weekend or not. But to make a long story short, I decided I should download Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) and install it after backing up my data and configurations on my USB HDD, which a dear friend of mine has brought me as a gift. And in order not to make the same mistake twice, this time I'll make a separate partition for "/home" in case something like this ever happens again. I just hope that installing Edgy would solve the problem.

In the mean time, during my search to resolve the problem, I landed on the following very useful guide titled "How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!" by Simon Gray which I think might be very useful for new comers. By the way, later, I might consider moving to a KDE environment and switch to Kubuntu or Fedora Core just to make sure I'm not limiting myself to a single environment. But I guess that will happen when I find some time.

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