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Saturday, November 25, 2006

AJAX Invasion!!!

Since I first heard about it and understood how it works and what it is capable of doing, I was amazed. How couldn't I?! A simple, yet very powerful, idea that will really bring the Web to our desktops and bridge the gap between "desktop" applications and "Web" applications. But I never imagined that how fast AJAX (shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is spreading. Just look at how many AJAX frameworks are available today (and for different programming languages too). And it's not just about Google and its Google Web Toolkit (GWT) anymore.

There's even an AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) project at Eclipse.org which provides and extensible framework and exemplary tools for building IDEs for the many different AJAX runtime offerings (Dojo, Zimbra, Rico, etc) in the market. And of course, as always, Java has a nice share in all of this. One of the great AJAX Java frameworks I've seen (and I haven't seen them all) is Echo2 from NextApp. I won't talk about it. I'll just leave with a link to an Echo2 demo application. And for all you Java developers (like me) out there, here's a nice AJAX FAQ at java.net.

I guess Web 2.0 is really closer than we think. But before you jump into using AJAX, it is recommended that you read this post in Alex Bosworth's Weblog first.

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