A man will die, but not his ideas.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Terrorists

The terrorist government of Israel has did it again and added another massacre to its endless list. I think the following photos from southern Lebanon need no commenting from my side. And again, the U.N. peacekeepers did not lift a finger. In fact, they indirectly participated in this massacre by refusing to allow the villagers to take shelter in their building. Israel, as usual, is waging a dirty war. And don't you go on telling me that Hizbollah started it first. This was already well planned from the Israeli side a long time before the incident of the two soldiers, No rational human being on earth could justify putting a whole country under seige and bombing and killing its innocent civilians.

But what is the world doing about it? Nothing. The dumbest and most narrow minded person on earth (whose initials are G. W. B.) appears on TV and says "Israel has the right to defend itself". What the ... ?! Against what? Helpless children? Because that's what Israel is attacking. Just look at the photos. Hizbollah attacks military locations and Israel keeps on bombing homes and killing civilians, even after they force them to leave their homes. After all this, I won't be surprised if Hizbollah starts attacking civilian locations in Israel. But what won't surprise me even more is that as soon as this happens and there are casualties from the Israeli side, everyone is going to talk about how brutal Hizbollah is.

What can I say?! They world and the UN have watched Qana before, and now its Marwaheen. Let the world know who the real terrorists and the real racists are. R.I.P. human conscious. R.I.P. UN.

Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position firing into civilians inside Lebanon

Message Recieved


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