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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Give Us A Reasonable Reason

Ok, I agree that the media attack on the Egyptian national team, such as the one by Amr Adeeb in Orbit's show Cairo Today, was very harsh. And I find some of the words used in these attacks inappropriate. Especially since there's no clear evidence that some of the players did accompany some girls with them to their rooms. But forget about the media and what was published and said. Just give us a reasonable and convincing answer, what happened to the team during that match?! I mean all what the US was hoping for in this game was to show a good performance regardless of the outcome. And the entire world was expecting that Egypt would beat the US easily, especially after their lousy performance in the first two matches in the competition.

And what's this tone all the players are repeating: "so what if we lost a game!" What?! Are you serious?! A team that plays without the spirit of winning will always be a loser and should not play as a national team in the first place. And besides, you weren't even fighting for the game. Losing 1-0 or even 2-0 would've been accepted if the game was two sided. But what we saw was a great puzzle. Both the defence and offence were non-existent. The players were not concentrating and there were a lot of missed passes. In addition, they didn't even want to run for any ball. If I didn't watch Brazil's game, I would've sweared that the team I saw in the US match was a totally different team with different players.

And don't give me that crap that the players were suffering from fatigue because of the two previous games and that you were playing three matches within six days. The US, Brazilian, and Italian players were playing under the same conditions and none of them complained of fatigue. So, such a complaint is an indication of a problem in the players themselves and not an excuse.

I respect and appreciate Abou Trika's position and his colleagues positions as well. But give us a reason for this unreasonable and humiliating defeat.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fixing Some of Guest OS Issues with VMWare Workstation on Linux

  • When the virtual machine image is stored on an NTFS partition, NTFS-3G hogs the CPU and freezes the machine very frequently leading to very slow performance of the virtual machine and possibly preventing you from using files on that partition during the freeze periods. The reasone is a bit complicated, but a temporary solution is mentioned here. Just add the following line to the .vmx file of the virtual machine.

  • Cannot connect to sound card because it is busy. Make sure knotify and Enlightened Sound Daemon (ESD) are not running. Kill those two processes (if they are active) and restart the vmware service just to make sure.
  • On Linux, VMWare frequently stopped my Shift/Ctrl/Alt keys from working when going back from the guest OS (was XP in my case) to Linux. A solution to this problem would be to use the setxkbmap command to reset the keyboard layout.
  • The arrow keys and other special keys are not functioning properly or not functioning at all. Create a config file in ~/.vmware directory and add this the following to the file then restart the vmware service.

xkeymap.keycode.108 = 0x138 # Alt_R
xkeymap.keycode.106 = 0x135 # KP_Divide
xkeymap.keycode.104 = 0x11c # KP_Enter
xkeymap.keycode.111 = 0x148 # Up
xkeymap.keycode.116 = 0x150 # Down
xkeymap.keycode.113 = 0x14b # Left
xkeymap.keycode.114 = 0x14d # Right
xkeymap.keycode.105 = 0x11d # Control_R
xkeymap.keycode.118 = 0x152 # Insert
xkeymap.keycode.119 = 0x153 # Delete
xkeymap.keycode.110 = 0x147 # Home
xkeymap.keycode.115 = 0x14f # End
xkeymap.keycode.112 = 0x149 # Prior
xkeymap.keycode.117 = 0x151 # Next
xkeymap.keycode.78 = 0x46 # Scroll_Lock
xkeymap.keycode.127 = 0x100 # Pause
xkeymap.keycode.133 = 0x15b # Meta_L
xkeymap.keycode.134 = 0x15c # Meta_R
xkeymap.keycode.135 = 0x15d # Menu

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