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Friday, September 09, 2005

Moralityware: Doing More Good Than Harm

I stepped across this in various sites. It seems that anything that it is related to Islam in any way nowadays is news in the western media. But anyway, here's the story. A new trojan is out ladies and gentlemen. But this trojan is classified by the media as a kind of "Moralityware". The trojan, named "Yusufali", first appeared in Iran and is not considered to be that dangerous. In fact, it is doing more good than harm. All it does actually is monitor the sites the user is visiting by checking the words in the title bar for anything related to pornographic material. Once such a word is detected, the window is minimized and verses from the Holy Quran are displayed in a number of languages. Now that's what I call a nice trojan. Following are a couple of snapshots of the trojan in action. More can be found here and here.

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