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Friday, February 10, 2006

And I'm Back From MDC 2006

A couple (or triple) of entries ago I said that "MDC Is Back ..." Well, now I'm back. This year I really enjoyed the event. And I think it was better organized than before. Most of the gang was there: Stephen Forte, Malek Kemmou, Patrick Hynds, and Rafal Lukawiecki. In addition, a new member joined the club. Clemens Vasters, who has recently joined Microsoft, made three great sessions on the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), codenamed Indigo. Perhaps one of the great experiences in the conference was watching the semi-finals match between Egypt and Senegal in the African Cup of Nations 2006 (Egypt 2 - Senegal 1) with all the attendees on a wide screen in one of the big theatres in the Cairo International Conference Center. You could feel the emotions flowing in the air.

All in all the conference was great. There were four wonderful sessions by Stephen Forte, as is the case with all his sessions. For me, perhaps the most interesting of the four was Writing Secure Code with ASP.NET, because the others I've already attended in last years conference. Another interesting session was the one about BizTalk Server 2006 by Malek Kemmou. Patrick Hynds also gave an informative session titled Passwords: Keys to the Kingdom. The only thing I missed in this year's conference was the closing session because I catched a cold on the final day and got really sick. There's a rumor that I won a prize in the draw that was held in that session but I'm not so sure about that since my luck was never that good in such matters.

One event that occured in the conference which really made me feel proud was that last years graduation project that I supervised came second amongst the final three projects in the .NET University Program Competition 2004/2005. I applauded real hard when the graduates were on the stand receiving their award. Good work guys...

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