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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freedom of Speech. Is It?

I'm really fed up with how the western culture keeps taking the phrase "freedom of speech" as an excuse for harassing and insulting others. It is as if freedom of speech is a luxurious right that only they can enjoy. And if someone else as much as imply something they do not like, freedom of speech is thrown out the window.

Of course, anyone reading this will most probably know what I am talking about. Yes, it is the recent incident of the Danish newspaper and their insulting cartoons. Again, the excuse is "freedom of speech". Those people don't even know what the phrase stands for. Since when did freedom of speech mean you can make fun of or insult someone?! What would they say if, God forbid, it was the other way around and a newspaper in any of the Islamic countries published cartoons about Jesus - peace be upon him - (which no Muslim would dare do because Allah, i.e. God, ordered us to believe in and respect all his prophets)? Will it be freedom of speech? I don't think so. George W. Bush would probably get on the stand and say: "Let's bomb that country." What if some newspaper in the west published something against the Jews? Freedom of speech? Anti-Semitism is more likely. Well let me tell you that this Danish newspaper's act is an anti-Semitism act. Because, in case you didn't know, Arabs are considered Semites.

It would seem that the west is losing more and more ethical values by the day. And that this is the expense of scientific leadership. Hey, we don't have to get very far. Just look at what they are saying about Clinton after a statement he made at an economic conference in Qatar. OK, I'm not saying the man is great and wonderful. But he spoke very rationally. If only those who attacked him in the media or from the public on the Internet were just as rational and thought about what he said. Anyway, if it is their right to say whatever they wish, it is ours to react, object, and defend our prophet (whether they aplogized, half-apologized or not). Boycotting will continue until they realize how far astray they went. And this will be the case with any other country that walks on their footsteps. And in the future they should think twice before insulting others.


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