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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Correcting the Wrong In Our Higher-Education System

Previously, I've posted a comment on the ESEA (Egyptian Software Engineers Association) Yahoo! group. The comment was on a message posted by Mohamed Meshref concerning his thoughts about what is required to improve the quality of the educational process in the faculties of computer science in Egypt. The issue popped up again while posting a comment on Mohammed_g's blog. So, I thought of including parts of the previous post over here.

" You share the same vision I have regarding what is required to elevate the level of our higher education system in the field of computer science, technology, and engineering for a better, brighter future of our country. And although you were talking about faculties of computer science, the problems you mentioned are actually present in the department of computers and systems of many engineering faculties. Believe me I should know, because I've been there both as a student and as an instructor.

The way I see it, there are three main reasons for the situation we are in nowadays: there is no good scientific planning, there's no honesty and devotion while working to achieve planned goals, and there's no motivation. Who's responsible? Both sides, the teaching staff as well as the students. We are moving in an endless ring. From one side, existing staff doesn't bother to improve the educational process, even though it may be in their hands. And on the other side, the students (from which some become a teaching staff) are not motivated and the only goal they have in mind is to finish their undergraduate years, if possible, and start earning some money. That's why they only attempt to consume, actually memorize, what is required to pass the finals and don't bother with any other useful knowledge. The result, is a nation with a huge number of, so called, college graduates who are supposed to be the youths of the future generation. While in reality, they don't even care if their country rises or falls. What else would you expect from someone who doesn't want to learn science for the knowledge and in order to build a better future for his people.

Yes, many undergraduate courses (and post-graduate) need to be reconsidered. It should be considered with sciences and the theories behind the technologies, not the technologies themselves. For example, we should concentrate on the concepts of programming languages first before we concentrate on a certain language. In fact, the whole higher-education process needs reconsideration. New, well-planned, and strict rules need to be enforced to eliminate many mistakes present today. And on top of the list of corrections, many of the present doctors need to retire. I mean they should be honest with theirselves. Like you said, if you can't update your knowledge constantly, leave room for those who can (with all due respect). But come on, what are you saying? Retire and leave the position they are in!!! Even if it was for the good of the country, to hell with the country for all they care. As I said, it is an endless ring. And we are only kidding ourselves with the current process, which will lead us nowhere. The problem is who would listen, and who would care. We try to do whatever is in our hands. But facing the many constraints and without a shared dream, correcting what is wrong will be very difficult. Or who knows. "


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